Spot the (snow)ball and smiley in Windsor

February 2, 2009 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Snow, Windsor, Windsor Castle | 2 Comments
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Spot the (snow)ball outside Windsor Castle 2 February 2009

Spot the (snow)ball outside Windsor Castle 2 February 2009

It was oh so good to see loads of people enjoying themselves in Windsor today, and the snowstorm made it much easier to talk to strangers. That is one of the aspects our children and I miss most about moving here from California: freedom to converse with anyone, without suspicion or prejudice. The other thing we miss is the upbeat attitude of Bay Area locals.*

On the subject of missing (people), it struck me that Geoff Hoon was nowhere to be seen today: we have a Transport Minister who’s dead set on expanding Heathrow, and he seems to have vanished on the very day when transport chaos is the top story for London. Hmmm … perhaps you saw him?

Now, I’m signing off for the night, with a giant smiley made by one of our sons:

Giant snow smiley in Windsor 2 February 2009

Giant snow smiley in Windsor 2 February 2009

* (I know this is a wild generalisation, for which I’m likely to get into trouble, even writing parenthetically, as Michael Krasny would say, but it seems to us that it’s culturally acceptable here in Britain to moan about what’s wrong with life without actually doing much to improve the situation. Problems are not anticipated and then avoided, but are allowed to happen, after which people complain, then there’s an inquiry. The whole process seems daft to me. Many travel reports in tonight’s news reflected that pattern, where many people—not all, I’m pleased to say—look on the dark side and blame others for their own misery instead of looking on the bright side and thanking their lucky stars!)



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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the beautiful scenes. It is in the 70s here in California so I appreciate experiencing Winter fun vicariously by looking at your pictures! I hope the snow smiley takes a long time to melt…and stimulates lots of conversations between strangers!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Unfortunately, the snow smiley lasted one day only, as someone crushed it.
    We had a thaw and another snowfall overnight, then another thaw today, and now are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow (Friday). So, the excitement continues, but more humourless adults are getting more grumpy! The slush is not attractive, but this weather’s great for kids and those of us who work online from home, walk to work and school, or can walk or catch trains to get to meetings.

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