AGW denier Northern Ireland Environment Minister actively misrepresents climate scientists and science

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On Channel 4 News this evening, the final slot was an interview with Sammy Wilson, Environment Minister for Northern Ireland. He is a vehement denier of anthropogenic global warming. Simply put, he does not believe that human activity is responsible for increased emissions:

“No, I do not believe in manmade global warming.”

Watch him in action here, though I’m not sure if that link will work outside the UK.

Sammy Wilson does not understand that climate change is not a belief issue, nor is it a faith-based issue or initiative. Climate change is a subject of scientific research.

It does not surprise me that someone in a position of political power can think his own belief system is more important than everyone else’s (it happens all the time). However, the way in which Sammy Wilson dismisses the work of world-class climate scientists on a topic of global significance is totally off the chart for any responsible member of local or national government, let alone a minister who is meant to be responsible for the environment. In his role, how does he think he should best be informed about the environment? By being fed and regurgitating Junk Science?!

The world’s most misappointed and disappointing Environment Minister even justified his stance by claiming “of course, there is a wide body of political, economic and scientific opinion that takes the same view that I do”. As usual, good old Jon Snow challenged him on that. But poor old Sammy wasn’t in the mood to listen. He argued that in surveys of climate scientists there was a much greater division of opinion than the public was led to believe, and Sammy went on to quote a survey in which “43% of climate scientists were either convinced that manmade climate causes were …” (I missed scribbling the next section, sorry, but you get the gist).

Mr. Wilson MP was clear (in tones reminiscent of an American libertarian) that he does not want a government that regulates individuals, restricts what individuals can do, controls our lives, etc. Furthermore, he despises the waste of public money on a pointless exercise to cut emissions that don’t, in his opinion (correct, of course), need cutting. He says actions to combat climate change (an imaginary concept, naturally) will damage economies, cause displacement of jobs, increase costs for individuals … an old laundry list of fundamentally selfish and above-all unimaginative and regressive arguments. Sammy Wilson needs to get out of the way to let someone else displace his job!

The Green Party in Northern Ireland has put forward a motion to the Assembly calling for Sammy Wilson’s removal. Good.

BBC News has this to say about the reason behind this call for him to quit:
A Northern Ireland minister’s decision to block a government advertisement campaign on climate change has led to a call for his removal from office.


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