Heathrow fantasy figures belie expansion hopes, cover up flight nightmare scenarios

September 18, 2009 at 3:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Thanks once again to Tim for highlighting the Guardian article:
Economic case for Heathrow third runway flawed, figures show

as he chipped in on this 18-month-old post:
What price little white carbon shadows of Heathrow expansion?

This is not the first time LHR R3 numbers have been rigged, as you can tell from
a quick backtrack to January 2009, when:
Government accused of ‘fantasy economics’ over Heathrow expansion

Having been woken again last week, by an early morning flight before 04:30, I lay awake wondering why we have to put up with these lies on top of the unpredictable yet persistent torture of current flights, which I logged on my iPhone at these times:

… and then I got up 🙂

That was five days ago, on 14 September 2009, at the start of another school year. I am glad our children sleep soundly through these disturbances, even if I don’t!

Often the argument about preventing Heathrow expansion conveniently ignores the fact that we are not happy with the number of flights now, let alone the future prospects for noise pollution on top of increasing carbon emissions and particulates.



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  1. Just to mention that my FoI request to DfT has resulted in an admission that their preliminary reassessment last July resulted in a change. They have released extracts from a submission dated
    14/7/09 on “DECC Proposals for the Shadow Price of Carbon” which seem to state that their usual forecasting model was not well-suited to changes as big as those proposed by DECC in later years ! Consequently they had done some “off-model analysis and reasoning” to show that the monetised net benefits would be reduced but “it seemed likely that the economic case for additional capacity at Heathrow airport would remain positive”.



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