The Daily Planet: inspiring kids to be Supermen?

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I could write a book on conversations with kids about climate change. For now, all I have time to do is a quick post, which is really a comment I made in response to a blog post on Edutopia’s Truth and Consequences: Teaching Global Warming Doesn’t Have to Spell ‘Fear’ a minute ago, and am copying here for you to read too, after verifying these points with my own sons whose ages straddle fifth graders’ by one year 🙂

You are a generation too late! Your penultimate paragraph says: Continue Reading The Daily Planet: inspiring kids to be Supermen?…


IOP and EurActiv framing climate science

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Scientists question computerised climate-change models
As world leaders gathered in New York for a high-level UN meeting on climate change, a new report by some of the world’s most renowned scientists urges policymakers to keep their eyes on the “science grapevine”, arguing that their understanding of global warming is still far from complete.

So we are introduced by EurActiv to a report by the IOP. At the end of EurActiv’s words, these links are provided: Continue Reading IOP and EurActiv framing climate science…

Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A Collins

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A Theme Issue ‘Ensembles and probabilities: a new era in the prediction of climate change’, compiled and edited by Matthew Collins and Sylvia Knight, is now available as part of Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A, Volume 365, Number 1857 / 15 August 2007.

An editorial introduction by Mat Collins is online in PDF format as well as in HTML form (using the same title as the Theme Issue it introduces), Ensembles and probabilities: a new era in the prediction of climate change.

Thanks to Green Car Congress for highlighting this online introduction, which is one contribution of 13 to this issue.

Unfortunately, this paper appears to be the only* Continue Reading Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A Collins…

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