ESA satellite images record lowest Arctic ice cover

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Envisat ASAR mosaic of the Arctic Ocean September 2007 with open sea routesEnvisat ASAR mosaic animations for 1-11 September 2005, 2006, 2007
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2007 Times Comprehensive Atlas shows environmental damage by humans

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The drastic effects of direct and indirect human impact on the environment, including the effects of climate change, are revealed in the Twelfth Edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World.


Update: OK that’s ^^^ my replacement sentence for this one I cut and pasted straight from the Telegraph yesterday and have now struck through. (I even changed the title of this post, after William wisely nudged me to revisit this story sooner than I would have done otherwise.) My suggested edits on the introductory text follow in this blue box quote too:

The drastic effects of climate change across the globe are disclosed in a new world atlas.

Images showing deforestation in Iguacu, South America taken 20 years apart: Left 1973, right 2003

Example 1: Images showing deforestation (by mankind) in Iguaçu, South America taken 20 33 years apart: Left 1973 ^22 Feb 1972^, right ^12 May^ 2003 (dated thumbnails here!)

Cartographers of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World have had to re-draw coastlines Continue Reading 2007 Times Comprehensive Atlas shows environmental damage by humans…

Images … imagine!

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Hover over images for info and a link to the ProWebSurfer website for a downloadable toolbar that provides a slick ad replacement feature.

Below is a screen grab of a webpage, as it appears to me after installing the PWS toolbar. The images I choose replace regular ads. Pretty cool, huh?

Online news has plenty of different sized ads and you can upload your own images or choose mine or any other public ones to replace ads automatically. (The images shown are album art that came with iTunes purchases.)

ProWebSurfer MIMS replaces ads on New York Times Technology page


  1. example #1 This is Why I’m Hot by MIMS
  2. example #2 I Need to Wake Up by Melissa Etheridge (from An Inconvenient Truth)
  3. example #3 As Cruel As School Children by Gym Class Heroes

Update: I threw this up in a hurry last night. Sorry, Darmok—I didn’t explain myself. Quite a change from my verbose style, huh? Actually, I wondered what anyone would make of a post without any text, and now I know: puzzling, isn’t it?




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