Heathrow fantasy figures belie expansion hopes, cover up flight nightmare scenarios

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Thanks once again to Tim for highlighting the Guardian article:
Economic case for Heathrow third runway flawed, figures show

as he chipped in on this 18-month-old post:
What price little white carbon shadows of Heathrow expansion?

This is not the first time LHR R3 numbers have been rigged, as you can tell from Continue Reading Heathrow fantasy figures belie expansion hopes, cover up flight nightmare scenarios…


Protected: Five boys run from St. George’s School Windsor Castle via Great Park to Copper Horse for Red Nose Day

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Global vs national priorities and Hansen on Heathrow

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Choices among alternative energy sources—renewable energies, energy efficiency, nuclear power, fossil fuels with carbon capture—these are national matters.  

But the decision to phase out coal use unless the CO2 is captured is a global imperative, if we are to preserve the wonders of nature, our coastlines, and our social and economic well being.

~ wrote James Hansen in his letter to Prime Minister Fukuda dated 3 July 2008, stressing the global need to eliminate all coal use without CCS above all other national choices for energy sources.

So, the way I read it, the entire world should focus on introducing CCS capabilities to all coal plants as fast as possible.  That is a global priority.  Good.

However, at the national level, the picture becomes more complicated and nuanced, for both alternative energy choices and for tackling top emissions sources.  The fact that we have a global priority to eliminate non-CCS coal use does not preclude any country from also having a national priority to cut emissions in the most efficacious way too.

A case in point for Britain is our dear government’s love affair with Adding Capacity at Heathrow Airport.  Expansion of Heathrow airport to facilitate greater emissions is a national issue with global implications.  More precisely, it is a national issue with national implications for Britain’s global leadership in the global fight against climate change.

Actions speak louder than words, and Continue Reading Global vs national priorities and Hansen on Heathrow…

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