Once upon a time, there was a hamlet called Heath Row …

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Cassini Historical Map of Heath Row Old Series Edition 1805-1822

Cassini Historical Heathrow Maps show the development of London Heathrow airport’s footprint, from Heath Row to LHR.

The full tale is explained on Continue Reading Once upon a time, there was a hamlet called Heath Row ……


Spare the Air days needed in Heathrow area!

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Spare the air over Windsor!  Sunday 10 February 2008

In the Bay Area, you are all familiar with Spare the Air days. Here, on the other side of the pond, not so, but we could certainly do with them! The air over Windsor and the Heathrow area at dusk today reminded us of the East Bay as seen from the Peninsula, or the air over San Jose when you drive south down 101 from San Francisco.

Adding capacity at Heathrow airport No. 2: Three into one does go!

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Yes, you are welcome to use my visual aids, if they help you explain the significance of Heathrow expansion to friends and colleagues.

No. 2 Add passenger numbers from three London airports in 2007—Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted—to get an idea of passenger capacity proposed for Heathrow airport as a result of the expansion (PDF). This includes a fifth (T5) and then a sixth (T6) terminal, and a third runway (R3). Continue Reading Adding capacity at Heathrow airport No. 2: Three into one does go!…

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