The Sleepy Sea

Another classic poem, found when emptying out last year’s backpack 😉 The first (opening) line was given to the entire class. The rest is by Sam.

The Sleepy Sea

The sapphire sea wakes
like a beautiful baby in a crimson cradle.
Mother Nature nurtures him softly.
Dawning Daylight.

The sleepy sea got off the bed of the obese ocean floor,
and stretched … …
Suddenly six savage tsunamis rushed out
to reach far away shores.

The savage sea swallowed seven sailing ships
and one submarine sandwich
and a savage swordfish smoothie —
and after that he was
as energetic as an eel!

The soothing sea, as energetic as a little boy,
went to the tense ten sea shores
and — Bam!
(he hit the cruel, non-caring cliff.)

The selfish salty sea splashed away back to his Mother,
(it was dinner time, anyway)
and the sad sea was ready for dinner time, anyway:
six submarine smoothies.

by Sam, age 8
May 2007

Gull on rock in Pacific at Monterey Bay California (photo by Bethan)

Crashing waves at Seal Rock Picnic Area on 17-Mile Drive, Pacific coast California


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  1. Alliteration and alotastructure in that. Very interesting and engaging – well done, young wordsmith Sam!

  2. This is one greedy sea. Perhaps a little counselling might be in order to set his dis-order to rights. I am sure equilibrium will return if he has effective communications with his parents who, if they do not have all the answers themselves, will seek advice from appropriate sources. Perhaps family therapy and a slot on a TV reality docu broadcast might enable the nation to share in the collective anxiety which is inducing this particular compulsive consumption disorder and thus enable us all, as one integrated national family under God and President Brown, to wallow in the shallows of a truly shared catharsis which will enable us all to re-discover our true values as a once great maritime power and sail the ship of state into more benign waters. The alternatives are too terrifying to contemplate: Northern Rock drowning in a flood tide of risk and debt; David Cameron spluttering on the rock of opportunism: the Tesco tsunami drowning the world. If we do not treat the great consumption virus at source, collectively, philosophically and psychologically, then the sea of our nightmares will swamp us all. All hail, Sam, a prophetic poet, a seer for his generation!

  3. Ave Samus!
    (He advises, Latin lesson number 1.)

  4. The title The sleepy sea makes me sleepy but the pictures are really nice.

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