Countdown to Live Earth

July 2, 2007 at 4:02 am | Posted in Antarctica, BAS, British Antarctic Survey, Change is good, Climate action, Environment, Habits, Indie rock, Live Earth, Nunatak, Pledge, Shopping | 1 Comment

Live Earth shoppingUpdate #0: See the Live Earth 7.7.07 Wembley playlist we enjoyed via BBC TV.  (I guess this should be referred to as a kick-off rather than a countdown now that the launch event has happened.)

Update #1: Take the 7-point Live Earth Pledge!

Update #2: Visit the official Live Earth site and blog for the latest news

Update #3: Over 120 television networks will broadcast Live Earth. Wikipedia has a good list of media outlets, including radio stations.

Update #4: Live Earth’s great global roar must be heard above the music

Update #5: Checkout the British Antarctic Survey indie rock band Nunatak’s Coolest gig in the world!

And what am I doing to combat climate change on Monday? Carrying my weight as I dodge showers to nip into town to do grocery shopping with my brilliant bright blue backpack at the ready!

Marks & Spencer and Waitrose staff are always friendly, being used to me turning up with my own bag now, and they tell me that such actions are becoming more and more popular in Windsor, at least. Irish friends are happy that plastic bags have been banned in Ireland, English friends (especially children) are delighted that public places in this country are now smokefree. These things take time to change. I hope we can change faster to combat climate change. We do not have the luxury of time before taking action on that topic.


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  1. […] Wondering what Live Earth is about, which networks are broadcasting in your country? Try these links. […]

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